What is the purpose of this webpage?
This website was created for sharing achievements collected along my gaming journey. It is also used as a platform whereby I can speak to everyone about my thoughts and feelings towards certain gaming industry movements and other associated topics of gaming and its subcultures. I hope to give others a better understanding of my life and background as well.
Why do you prefer Playstation?
I think there has always been a deep rooted love ever since I played on the very first Playstation console. Since then the company has developed and created so many awesome exclusive games and continued to exceed my expectations year on year.
Can I also add my achievements to the website?
Yes, soon there will be a page available to share your own personal achievements in your very own gallery! We also want to have an art gallery where you guys can submit your own masterpieces that can be showcased here if you would like!
What is the Social Hub?
The Social Hub is a place where people can connect and share information with each other. People who are looking for partners or people to help assist them in whatever gaming adventure they take on can easily find each other through the sharing of their gamertag in the Hub.